Thursday, 15 October 2015

Welcome Week 2015 - Being Sociological Workshop

As part of the Welcome Week activities the Sociology programme held a workshop for our new cohort of first year sociologists which was titled ‘Being Sociological’. This workshop was in the style of a 'treasure hunt' and was essentially aimed at getting students involved in the practice of ‘being sociological’. The project introduced them to thinking about what sociology is and also about how you ‘do’ sociology by conducting a mini sociological study of Keele and the surrounding region.

Students were asked to get into groups and complete two out of these three tasks:

1) A report on the local area using library resources
2) A photographic research task
3) An ethnographic observation task

In the photographic task students were asked to take photographs around Keele campus on the following sociological themes:  nature/culture, branding, discipline and food. Students completing the ethnographic observations were asked to observe one of the following sociological themes on campus: power relationships, gender or communication. They were asked to draw a poster reflecting on their observations.

Posters from the observations and photographs were emailed to us and the class selected the winning entry which was a photograph on the theme of Nature/Culture taken by Jenny, Lucy, Elise and Leanne.

Here is a small selection of some of the other images taken on the day.