Friday, 21 November 2008


The next meeting
is on
Tuesday 25th November
in room
1pm and 2pm.

Anyone studying Sociology, Criminology or both at Keele is welcome to attend

This week we will discuss criminal punishments:

· Community Punishments: How effective are the punishments of tagging and ASBOs?

· Prison Sentences: Does prison prevent or encourage further crimes to be committed?

· Is it justified that criminals who reflect good behaviour within prison be allowed to have their sentence reduced?

· Is the shortening of criminal sentences more justifiable in some cases more than others? For example, do you think that both convicted murders and thieves equally deserve to have their sentence revoked if both criminals show the same amount of good behaviour while within the confines of a prison?

· Finally, is it fair to punish every criminal in the same way? For example, would giving a parking or speeding fine to a person in a lower socio-economic class have the same consequences as giving a fine to a person within a higher socio-economic class? Should penalties distinguish between class variances and punish accordingly?

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