Monday, 14 January 2013

The Right to Write the City: Lefebvre and Graffiti

Andy Zieleniec attended the Media Communication and Cultural Studies Association Conference (MeCCSA) hosted by Ulster University at the McGee Campus in Derry from 9-11 January.

He presented a paper entitled “The Right to Write the City: Lefebvre and Graffiti” based on his research on Graffiti in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona funded by a Keele-Santander Research Scholarship research grant.

The paper attempted to operationalise Lefebvre’s theoretical work on the Production of Space and his varied urban analysis in the analysis of graffiti as an example of attempts to reframe, recontextualise, appropriate and colonise urban space from the dominant discourses of the market and the increasing privatisation and homogenisation of public and social spaces and places.  

Anyone interested in discussing the paper can contact Andy at

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