Thursday, 7 November 2013

Paul Virilio, Zygmunt Bauman, and Hikikomori

by Mark Featherstone

Over the last couple of weeks I have published two new chapters – the first paper is a new version of my piece on the French social theorist Paul Virilio and the idea of the apocalypse. This paper is part of the second edition of a major collection, Critical Digital Studies, edited by the Canadian media theorists Arthur and Marilouise Kroker. The second paper is a piece on the relationship between Virilio and Zygmunt Bauman. This paper entitled Welcome to the Hotel California appears in Mark Davis’ new collection, Liquid Sociology, on Bauman and metaphor. This research formed the backdrop of my current work on Bernard Stiegler and the techno-dystopia because it explores the relationship between technology, globalisation, and a kind of society that is largely indifferent to human suffering. Beyond my article on Stiegler and Einstein’s Nightmare, which will appear in print in the near future, I am currently working on a new paper on the Japanese conditions of hikikomori and otaku and the media object. This work, which is inspired by my time in Japan and continued interest in Japanese society, will preview on my level three module, Sex, Death, and Desire, focused on psychoanalysis and society in the coming months.

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