Friday, 31 January 2014

Keele Postgraduate Research Forum

by Andrew Henley, PhD candidate in Criminology

Next Tuesday (4th February) sees the launch of a new student-organised forum for postgraduate researchers across the social sciences at Keele University.  The forum provides an opportunity for PGR students to present, 'test out' and receive feedback on their work in an informal, supportive and stress-free environment. It will be held each Tuesday between 12 and 1pm in the Claus Moser building (CM1.24).

The following list of speakers has been confirmed up until the Easter break:

4th February – Kasper Larsen ‘Tracking positional change in the Bali Process: NGO cohesion on mitigation‘.

11th February - Adam Duell ‘Dramatis non-persona: Local Enterprise Partnerships, (in)visibility and urban governance’.

18th February – Allan Arturo Gonzalez Estrada ‘Intentionality and phenomenal experience: research in the philosophy of mind‘

25th February – Siti Ismail ‘Malaysia Party System 2004-13: Continuity and Change‘

4th March – Rob Emerton ‘Tiananmen: The Problem of Representation and the Event’

11th March – Maria Wain ‘The Internet Generation: Youth and Technology‘

18th March – Keely Hughes ‘Philosophical Praxis to Utilitarian Consumption: Sites for Creating an Education Utopia‘.

25th March – Ian Mahoney ‘Resisting Abjection:  Crime and deviance as a response to the abject politics of contemporary Britain‘ AND Andrew Henley ’Criminal stigma: the oil on the ‘revolving doors’ and the need for an ‘abolitionist doorstop’.

1st April – Giulia Mininni ‘Gender and energy issues in the Global South‘.

For abstracts on upcoming papers and information on participating, a new blog has been set up to accompany the forum.

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