Friday, 25 April 2014

Playfulness and Paradox in Spanish Urban Art

From 7th May–4th June photographs from Dr Andrzej Zieleniec's (Lecturer in Sociology) visual ethnography of Spanish urban art will be displayed in the Art Gallery, Chancellor's Building, Keele University. This project was conducted in 2013 and was supported by Santander.

Graffiti or Urban Art is a universal and global urban phenomenon. It takes many forms and elicits a range of responses. It is simultaneously vandalism, social critique and commentary, anti-social behaviour, destructive and creative, enhancing or degrading the urban environment, urban blight or urban art, ugly or beautiful. Regardless it represents attempts usually by those with little voice or access in conventional means to publicly express, exhibit, convey or communicate a range of messages and meanings about identity, belonging, alienation and exclusion.

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