Monday, 8 September 2014

Keele Sociology Students Most Satisfied in the Country

The recent National Student Survey confirmed that Keele Sociology students have an excellent experience of the programme and are the most satisfied Sociology students in the country. The University itself ranked number 1 in the county for student satisfaction. In this respect the Sociology result is a reflection of the excellent work taking place across Keele. 

We are particularly proud that Keele Sociology has been ranked first for student satisfaction, putting our rating here higher than 92 other institutions. In Sociology we have focused on learning and teaching and the student experience. We designed our programme to provide students with active, problem-solving skills, grounded in the exercise of the sociological imagination. We also appreciate that the university experience marks a transitional period in students’ lives and realise that effective learning relies on positive communication and encouragement. For this reason we try to make students feel part of a learning community and encourage them to express themselves in a positive environment. We understand that this is very important in a transitional period and are very happy that our students show such high levels of satisfaction with their experience of our programme. That our students are the most satisfied in the country tells us that we are very successful in our approach to teaching and learning.

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