Friday, 15 August 2008

Criminology and Sociology Society

We are reviving the student societies for Sociology and Criminology, but this year we will be combining them (strength in numbers)... Sociology and Criminology societies in the past have: put on parties, balls and other social events; organised field trips and visits to subject-relevant local and national organisations; organised debates; invited visiting speakers to Keele and publicised visiting speakers organised by staff; set up resources for other students to use such as book exchanges. You're not limited to these activities either!

Andy Zieleniec (Lecturer in Sociology - ) will be supporting the development of the society and two sociology students have agreed to kick things off in Freshers' Week. Please contact Andy (email Andy), Sinead Carrol or Amy Jones for information about joining SocCrimSoc, or CrimSocSoc or whatever you will be calling it!

If you haven't been a member of a student society before, you might want to visit the Keele University Students' Union pages, including the page on Societies. Basically you need to sign up a certain number of members, establish a group to run things and then you will get some support from the Students' Union such as a bit of cash to get started and get leaflets printed etc... If you want more information, you can access the Keele Societies' handbook here

Feel free to join and use the Sociology and Criminology Facebook at Keele page to get things started... Or email one of the contacts above.

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