Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Post-Doc fellow in Criminology arrives at Keele

Günter Stummvoll from Austria arrives in Keele today and is the first Marie Curie Post-Doc Fellow in Criminology (Intra-European Fellowship for Career Development). This is the second time Günter has come to Keele. He studied as a Marie Curie Doctoral Fellow at Criminology's dedicated training site in 2003. Starting in August 2008, he will research the standardisation of crime prevention through environmental design in Europe, and he will focus on various policy processes involved in the application of design-led crime prevention in European cities. He will stay for two years with a grant of 160.000,- € from the EU. He will work with Profs. Susanne Karstedt and Tim Hope from Criminology and John Vogler from SPIRE. Günter would be happy to talk to any students and colleagues who are interested in the area of crime prevention through environmental design.

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