Thursday, 30 June 2016

Living in the in-between: Sociology PhD Success

By Siobhan Holohan

Natalie Soleiman (PhD Candidate in Sociology) has successfully defended her thesis subject to minor revisions. Natalie first came to Keele as an undergraduate to study Psychology and Sociology under the Dual Honours system. After taking time out to pursue other avenues, Natalie returned to Keele to undertake the MRes in Social Science, where she cultivated the topic that would later become the focus of her doctoral studies supervised by Dr Siobhan Holohan and Dr Mark Featherstone. 

Natalie’s thesis, Living in the ‘in-between’ – narrating identity, re-imagining home and negotiating belonging: an ethnographic investigation of the Iranian Diaspora in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, explores how Iranian migrants navigate the challenges of building a life in a new country. Natalie interviewed members of the Iranian community for her research, but also drew on her own experiences growing up in and alongside the Diaspora.

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