Thursday, 15 May 2014

Inhabiting Borders, Routes Home: Youth, Gender, Asylum by Ala Sirriyeh

In recent years there has been growing interest in the experiences of young people seeking asylum in Europe. While the significance of the role of age is recognized, both youth transitions and trajectories beyond the age of eighteen are still largely unexplored, the role and impact of mobility predominantly centering on experiences of movement from country of origin to country of settlement. Inhabiting Borders, Routes Home contends that in considering migration and settlement experiences of young refugees it is also important to consider the role of their mobility through age and transitions in the country of settlement. Based on narrative research with young refugees, this book explores how migration journeys are intertwined with life course journeys and transitions into adulthood, shedding light on the manner in which gender intersects with age in experiences of migration and settlement, with close attention to the processes by which 'home' is understood and constructed. 

Through the concept of 'home' the book draws together and reflects on interconnections between integration in areas such as education or housing and experiences of social networks. Examining experiences of the asylum process and the manner in which they are interwoven within a wider narrative of home both within and beyond, Inhabiting Borders, Routes Home will be of interest to social scientists working in the areas of migration, asylum, intersectionality and the life course.
Reviews: ‘In this book Ala Sirriyeh captures the paradox of being still on the move for young refugees. She does so in an understated, deeply passionate way, with gentle and forceful rigour that shows how multiple journeys create constellations of meaning for "home". A kaleidoscopic work, offering fresh conceptual understandings of forced migration and its impact on young lives.’
Ravi K.S. Kohli, University of Bedfordshire, UK

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