Wednesday, 21 May 2014

New publication - 'The origins of conflict in dependent drug treatment: Lessons for partnership working' by Sam Weston

Polarised ideologies about the treatment of dependent drug use have been long lasting features in the field of drug treatment. In her most recent paper, published in the British Journal of Community Justice, Dr Sam Weston discusses the potential origins of such disagreements. Through the analysis of drug policy and guidance documents developed since the publication of the 1998 UK Drug Strategy and interviews with practitioners from the field Sam argues that the reframing of drug policy, from one concerned with harm reduction to one that is punitive and abstinence based, has resulted in the articulation of inconsistent messages. These messages, she argues, not only provide opportunities for the development of varying interpretations of drug policy but may have reinforced the polarised treatment ideologies observed in professionals working with dependent drug users.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for notifying the excellent outcome of the research done by Dr Sam Weston. It will certainly improve the drug policy and will help the state to decide on a long-term drug strategy.