Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Writing on the Wall: The Poesies and Politics of Graffiti

Dr Andy Zieleniec gave a paper, 'The Writing on the Wall: The Poesies and Politics of Graffiti', at the conference for Contemporary Anarchist Theory and Practice: Critical Perspectives, in Dumfries. 

Here is the description of this talkGraffiti is a universal urban phenomenon. It takes many forms and has become synonymous with a predominantly male urban subculture. This paper will consider the how graffiti as an embodied practice contests and conflicts with the designs, plans, regulation and policing of an increasingly privatised and commoditised urban public space by re-writing and painting the walls, buildings and streets. Graffiti reflects attempts and examples of individual and collective attempts to colonise and reclaim the public as a means and medium for non-commercial art, communication, meanings and values.  

Andy's exhibition of Spanish urban art continues in the Art Gallery, Chancellor's Building, Keele University. 

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